Massive increase in medical colleges in India

Massive increase in medical colleges in India

Massive increase in medical colleges in India

Now there are 654 medical colleges in India, after 2014.

According to the government report on medical colleges, there has been a massive increase shown in medical colleges in India, it has gone up from 387 to 654 after 2014.

The administration notified Parliament on Tuesday that there are already 654 medical colleges in the nation, up from 387 in 2014 with a 69 percent overall growth.

Additionally, the number of postgraduate (PG) seats has increased by 107 percent, from 31,185 prior to 2014 to 64,559 henceforward, and the number of MBBS seats has increased by 94%, from 51,348 to 99,763. Bharati Pravin Pawar, the minister of state for health, stated in a reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha.

Massive increase in medical colleges in India

The government has increased the number of medical colleges and MBBS seats in order to boost the number of doctors in the nation, she said.

According to Pawar, the government has approved 157 new medical colleges and 94 colleges are already in operational mode. Central government started sponsorship programmes to establish new medical colleges by refurbishing the district and referral hospitals in order to increase the number of medical seats in india.

To enhance the number of MBBS and PG seats, the minister said a centrally supported programme for reinforcing or improving the current medical colleges managed by the state or the federal government has been undertaken.


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