Master of Performing Arts (MPA)

    Master of Performing Arts (MPA)
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    MPA Highlights

    DegreeMasters of Performing Arts (PostGraduate)
    Duration2 yrs.
    AgeNo Specific Age
    Examination TypeSemesters
    Admission ProcessDirect Admissions (Some Colleges conduct Entrance Exams)
    Fees10,000 – 2 Lacs
    Job ProfilesMusic Teacher, Dance Teacher, Actor, Dancer, Stage Manager, Musical Theatre Performer, Director, Choreographer.
    Recruiting OrganisationsFilm Industry, International Film Organization, Art Institute ,Museum,Cultural Organization, Government Organization, Centre of Eminence.
    SalaryINR 2 – 5 Lacs

    MPA Course Details

    The MPA Course details have discussed here, it is a postgraduate degree awarded to students who have studied dance, film, theater or music. Two years of full-time study are needed to complete the program. Graduates are suitable for employment in the performing arts. The MFA program is an ideal choice for those interested in developing their careers in any of these fields. If you are interested in this course, you can prepare for it in several steps. 

    To enter the Master of Performing Arts, you need a bachelor’s degree from a renowned university and at least five years of professional experience in the field. You may not find a job with one of the world’s leading recruitment firms right away, but a Masters in Performing Arts will open the door to a range of careers in the performing arts. Depending on your chosen field, you can work in theater, film criticism, or even government institutions. You can also join an institute as a faculty member and work independently. The Master of Performing Arts is a postgraduate program that allows you to continue your studies in your chosen field. 

    The courses cover a range of topics including the history of the performance, cultural allusions to the performance and an examination of the different styles of performance. You must also create a solo performance piece, but some universities require students to write a conference paper or journal article.

    MPA Eligibility Criteria

    The MPA eligibility criteria for the Master of Performing Arts are very simple, but may vary from university to university. The mandatory criteria are listed below. 

    • A graduate with a bachelor’s/diploma degree from a recognized university. 
    • A minimum of 50% is required for graduation. 
    • In some cases 5 years of practical experience in the theater or a renowned dance institution.

    MPA Admission Process

    The MPA admission process in India may vary slightly depending on the rules and guidelines established by the institutes. 

    A two-year, full-time postgraduate program. Candidates who are interested in the master’s program can apply to the respective colleges or universities through the online portal or offline mode (very few institutes like Pondicherry University have the option) with the required information. 

    Most universities have a direct admission system, while some of them have entrance exams. Merit-based admission is based on the grades of the degree i.e. Bachelor in Performing Arts / Bachelor of Arts.

    Entrance-based admission takes place in the following steps:

    • In the case of CUCET, candidates must register and then wait for the notification of the availability of the online application, which usually occurs in the month of March.
    • After you have completed the application with the correct details where one month is given for completing and final submission of the application. Uploading the required documents and paying the application fee is a crucial step, otherwise, the application will not be accepted.
    • Applicants can apply to a maximum of 3 participating universities for the MPA program. The entrance exam offers the opportunity to choose from many exam centers at the discretion of the candidate.
    • A correspondence address and details of the most recent proficiency test must be provided after the application ID has been received. Candidates must sit the exam on the specified date as indicated on the website and admission card.
    • After the results are announced, the universities publish their cut-off. The candidates who have managed to cross the limit are called for admission in the respective degree program.

    MPA Syllabus

    MPA Syllabus

    A wide range of specialisations are available in the master of performing arts field. Every semester’s (Master of Performing Arts) MPA syllabus is listed in the table below.

    Fundamentals of Theatre and DramaHistory of Classical Indian drama
    Fundamentals of ActingHistory and Development of Classical, Neo-Classical and Elizabethan Theatre
    Fundamentals of Theatre DesignTechnical theatre
    History and Development of Modern Indian DramaActing Theory & Practical
    History and Development of Modern Western dramaPlay Production(Contemporary & Western)
    Dance HistoryArt history and Choreography
    Traditional folk dance and Theatre of IndiaTraditional Theatre of India and Western Ballet
    History and Development of World DanceCritical Study of Practical & Theoretical aspects of Dance
    Folk and Traditional TheatreAesthetics: Indian and Western
    Fundamentals of DirectionAdvance Script Writing
    Stage and Event ManagementTheatre Research
    Children TheatreDesign Tech. (Makeup & Costume )
    Design Technology (Scenic Design )TV and Film Production
    Analytical study of RagasAnalytical study of Talas
    Acting for cameraTheatrical Martial Arts
    Voice & SpeechSpecialization : Direction,Acting, Design .
    Compositional forms of Indian Vocal MusicCritical analysis of the raga and tala elements
    Improvisation ,Mime and ChoreographyPlay Production (Major )
    Stage PerformanceMusic and Management
    EthnomusicologyRaga Classification System
    Comparative AestheticsFolk music

    Top Colleges & Fees Structure For MPA

    Why Choose a MPA?

    Why Choose a MPA ?

    The performing arts provide a platform for academic skill development, which in turn builds confidence on stage. It is an essential course for students with a diploma or more than five years of experience learning and performing.

    • Students must analyze the information throughout the course to improve their performance because it is a practical, work-based topic. The best part of this course is the immediate, first-hand application. The curriculum is set up so that students can learn and do.
    • Before selecting a specialization, the majority of MPA degrees revolve around multiple disciplines.
    • The expansion of the skill set in response to new developments and a shifting environment through continuous adaptive learning.
    • Students in this two-year program are immediately job-ready upon completion of the course.
    • At national and international Centres of Eminence, students can conduct research.
    • Postgraduates are offered roles as actors and choreographers in the entertainment industry.These professionals can earn anywhere from 2.5 to 6 LPA per year on average.

    Preparation Tips for MPA

    • Read a variety of sources: You need to study a lot of textbooks, reference guides, and online resources to do well on theory exams.

    • Create a study schedule: Using a study calendar will help you plan your time for studying and other tasks.

    • In Class, Communicate: You might gain new insights into the concepts taught in class by engaging in conversation with teachers and classmates about any topic.

    • Test Yourself: Step through a self-examination to survey yourself and to know the amount you are familiar the subject.

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    Scope of Higher Education after MPA

    The Master of Performing Arts program has a vast scope that has grown over time. Many educational institutions in India now offer a performing arts course as part of their curriculum due to the growing scope of the field. Students can choose to specialize in a variety of performing arts and become dancers, musicians, singers, or music composers. With the development of audio and video recording, live performances have become a source of entertainment in today’s world, and private consumption of the performing arts has also been made possible. Candidates with a postgraduate degree in performing arts can anticipate finding employment in the film industry, theaters, cultural organizations, international festivals, museums, street plays, and stage shows.


    Additionally, Performing Expressions has its own importance in our country. India has followed a strict ceremony of society theater and dramatizations of the Vedic nation in the second thousand years BC. Along with a depiction of actual day-to-day life events, this theater also included dance, food, and ritual.


    Bharata Muni, an ancient Indian author, is credited with creating the Natya Shastra of Bharata. He is frequently referred to as the founder of Indian theater. Natya shastra systematically developed the art, or technique, of drama. The way the portrayal should be done is shown in the natya shastra. Drama, according to Bharata Muni, is imitating men and their actions.


    The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are regarded as India’s first well-known plays. The earliest Indian dramas were influenced by these epics, and they continue to do so to this day. In the southern regions of India, there are numerous performing arts, including Koodiyattam, Nangiarkoothu, Kathakali, Chakyar koothu, and Thirayattam.

    Job Position, Job Description & Average Salary of a MPA Graduate

    Job Position, Job Description & Average Salary of a MPA Graduate

    Job Position


    Job Description


    Average Salary


    Music Teacher

    Teaches musical ragas and talas, voice talents, and technique implementation.

    1.5 Lac to 4Lac


    Uses dance to express their feelings

    4 to 5 Lacs


    To attain therapeutic goals, use drama or theatrical techniques.

    5 to 6.5 Lacs


    Actors mostly perform in front of the camera for movies, TV shows, and commercials.

    10Lacs to 1Cr

    Theatre Artist

    works on a live stage with live audiences, essentially acting in plays or open theatre.

    2 to 4 Lacs

    Stage Manager

    accountable for stage management and production

    3.5 to 4 Lacs


    responsible for producing motion pictures, including plays, movies, commercials, and television shows.

    6.5 to 10 Lacs

    MPA: FAQ’s

    Q. What kind of job is most in demand overseas for MPA graduates?

    A. Some popular jobs outside of the United States are those of a drama therapist and an artist.

    Q. Is there a way to compensate a candidate who decides not to join after the course?

    A. People in this field are opening studios and businesses where they teach, mentor, and guide students who are eager to pursue a career in the performing arts. Self-employment is on the rise in this field.

    Q. Name a few entrance exams that are accepted by reputable schools.

    A. For a Master of Performing Arts degree, the entrance exams accepted nationwide are BHU PET and CUCET.

    Q. What is the performing artist’s typical yearly pay?

    A. Depending on the project or task, the remuneration can range from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 Lac.

    Q. What are the Master of Performing Arts tuition costs at public and private institutions?

    A. Private colleges may charge anywhere from about 20,000 INR to 1.7 Lac, while public colleges may charge anywhere from 3,000 INR to 1 Lac.

    Q. What is the minimum qualification for performing arts?

    A. Particular performing arts fields, such as dance, music, and theater performance, typically offer Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Fine Art, and Bachelor of Science degrees.



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