Bachelors of Technology + LLB

Bachelors of Technology + LLB
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What is BTech LLB?

Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Legislative Law, or BTech LLB, is a six-year joint course in law that applicants can begin conventionally after finishing Class 12. For the first three years of this programme, students are trained in engineering corrections, followed by law topics. A BTech/LLB programme naturally lasts twelve semesters. Aspirants taking the BTech LLB programme receive education through classroom teaching methods as well as descriptions of the legal characteristics of the course through case studies and moot courts. This blog contains all the important information about the BTech LLB course and will discuss the scope of the BTech LLB.

 BTech LLB Eligibility ?

To apply for a BTech/LLB admission process, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • The contender must have graduated from a recognised school board in the 12th grade so that he can BTech LLB Eligibility.
  • In the 10+2 board exam, he or she should have established at least a 55% collective score.
  • The interview should have considered physics, chemistry, and math.
  • Some colleges have made it required for applicants to have a strong command of the English language, involving exam scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.

BTech LLB Required Skill Set

BTech LLB Required Skill Set

There are certain skills that the candidates should pursue in the BTech LLB course:

Information analysis Research
Attention to detail Presuasiveness
Presentation skills Good grasping Power
Teamwork Judgement Skills

BTech LLB Syllabus

The topics protected in the B.Tech LLB course has been declared in the table below:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Mathematics 1 Mathematics 2
Engineering graphics Electronic devices and circuits
Data structures C Basic electronic engineering
Physics 1 Physics 2
Environmental studies Fundamental of moot court
Chemistry Problem-solving With C
Semester 3 Semester 4
Data communication and networks Legal history of couts
00PS with C++ and UML Industrial management
Legal methods plus legal reasoning Computer systems architecture
Microprocessor Data management system
Theory of automata and computation Operating systems
Mathematics 3 Communication workshop 1.2


Semester 5 Semester 6
Constitutional law 1 00PS to Java
Torts and consumer protection law law of contacts 1
Communication workshop 2.0 Software engineering
Design and analysis of algorithms Law of contract 2
Artificial intelligence Family law 1
Elective 1 Elective 2 


Semester 7 Semester 8
Constitutional law 1 Compiler design
Web Technologies using .NET Storage technology foundations
Family law 2 Law of crimes 1
Foreign language Communication workshop 3.0
Civil procedure and the law limitation Network security and cryptography
Foreign Law 2 Mobile computing


Semester 9 Semester 10
Right to information Internship
Labour law 1 Digital crime and computer law
E-commerce and M-commerce Law Company law 2
Property law Law of evidence
Environmental law Arbitration, conciliation, and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
Information security audit and monitoring Administrative law


Semester 11 Semester 12
Private international law Information security intelligence and compliance analytics
IT forensic and electronic evidence Drafting, pleading, and conveyance
Jurisprudence Digital copyright and data protection law
Intellectual property law Internet regulation and jurisdiction
Competition law Taxation law
International trade law Labour law 2
Information security governance Law of telecommunication convergence
Moot court and internship Law of technology transfer

BTech LLB Entrance Exams

Th Some of the entrance exams finished which the applicants are particular for the BTech LLB course are:

Exam Name Application Period Exam Date
ULSAT 2022 December 2, 2021 – May 9, 2022 May 13 – 15, 2022

BTech LLB Course Duration

As before stated, the BTech LLB programme contrasts meaningfully from other BTech courses. Yes, whereas most BTech LLB courses are four years long, BTech LLB is six years longThe training is separated into 12 semesters over the development of 6 years. Every year, there are 2 semesters, each of which refuges a changed subject.


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Scope of BTech LLB

The BTech LLB programme is a six-year advanced consolidative course designed for students who are interested in both engineering and law.The course offers a comprehensive understanding of the always growing field of techno-legal matters, along with science and technological issues. The future is looking bright for professionals who select the BTech LLB course because the combination of technology and the law is constantly growing. With lawyers who have ample knowledge of the law, there will be a more just and practical legal system.

BTech LLB Colleges in India

BTech LLB Colleges in India

There are very rare organizations that offer this course. Some of the colleges that offer courses in BTech LLB are declared in the table below:

College Name Fees
Mahindra University   –
Amity University   – 
MATS University   7,20,000
Lovely Professional University   – 
Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut   – 
Sharda University   8,16,000
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies ,Dehradun   12,00,000

BTech LLB Future Scope

After finishing the course the Scope of BTech LLB is that  graduates can choose from the jobs listed above, or they can continue their education. They can select for a master’s degree in the next progressions:

  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (International Law)
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Criminal Law)
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Constitutional Law)
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Corporate Law)
  • LLM Business Law.

BTech LLB Job Profiles & Top Recruiters

After finishing a B.Tech./LLB. course, candidates are offered many job openings. The following are some popular BTech LLB Job Profiles & Top Recruiters that candidates can pursue after earning a BTech LLB degree:

JOB PROFILE                                     JOB DESCRIPTION
Lawyer In this job profile, one needs to advise and represent customers in civil as well as illegal cases. Lawyers present cases in court and participate in all records and ranges. 
Solicitor In such a job profile, an individual usually specialises in a detailed area of law like tax, litigation, family, or property.Advocates’ proposal allowed information to reach secluded as well as profitable clients.
Advocate In such a job profile, one needs to do a lot of research to gather honest data as well as use physical suggestion to back their claim. Apart from this, other tasks allocated to advocates include scrutinising and drafting contracts..
Teacher or Lecturer After finishing an LLB degree, applicants can also study law at a college or university.
Legal Advisor Candidates who choose to work in this profile are also lawyers who specialise in a specific area of law. Legal advice-givers are frequently hired by governments as well as large organisations and companies. The primary responsibility of a legal advisor is to protect their clients from any legal suggestion or significance.

BTech LLB Top Recruiters

  1. Talwar Thakore & Associates
  2. Desai & Diwanji
  3. Economic Laws Practice
  4. S&R Associates
  5. Trilegal
  6. Luthra & Luthra Law Offices
  7. J Sagar Associates
  8. Khaitan & CO
  9. AZB & Partners
  10. Amarchand and Mangaldas and Suresh A Shroff & Co

This are the Best BTech LLB Top Recruiters.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BTech LLB?

B.Tech. LLB is a dual-degree programme that combines a Bachelor of Technology degree with a Bachelor of Law degree. It typically takes five years to complete and prepares students for careers in both technology and law.

What is Btech llb Course Eligibility Criteria?

The eligibility criteria for a BTech LLB program typically includes having a 10+2 level education with a minimum of 55% marks in Physics, Mathematics and any one of Chemistry/Biology/Computer Science.

What are the Top courses of B Tech llb in India ?

Some of the top BTech LLB courses in India include B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with LLB, B.Tech Information Technology with LLB, B.Tech Biotechnology with LLB, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with LLB, and B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering with LLB.

What can I do after Btech llb ?

After completing a BTech LLB program, graduates can pursue careers in various fields such as law, technology, business, consulting, and more. They can become patent attorneys, technology lawyers, legal consultants, or work in the field of intellectual property rights.


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