Diploma in Business Law

    Diploma in Business Law
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    Diploma in Business Law 

    A Diploma in Business Law course offers a solid understanding of the legal elements of business operations. This is a specialized program designed to provide legal assistance for business operations. For the Indian context this diploma program is very popular among students as the Indian market is growing in the business sector hence there is an ample opportunity to pursue a career in the legal field or business management. 

    Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law (PGDBL) course has a duration of 1-year. The course curriculum has been designed to understand business laws learning along with its both components practical as well as academic. 

    Diploma in Business Law

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    What are Career Scope in business law?

    As the Indian market is growing rapidly there are plenty of startups and businesses are taking the leap but as we know there are some legal rules and regulations which are mandatory to follow so there is a need for an expert who can overview business law. Graduates of a Diploma in Business Law program in India can pursue a career in as:-  

    • Legal analyst, 
    • Compliance officer, 
    • Contract administrator, 
    • Business consultant,
    • Paralegal. 

    All these various sectors have an opportunity, such as banking and finance, real estate, insurance, manufacturing, and consulting firms. Some graduates may also choose to pursue a higher education degree in business law or other related fields.

    Diploma in Business Law

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    Eligibility Criteria for diploma in business law

    The eligibility criteria for a Diploma in Business Law program may vary from one institution to another. Check eligibility requirements below:

    • Educational Qualification: Candidates should have completed their undergraduate degree from a recognized university. The minimum required percentage for admission may vary, but usually, it is around 50% to 60%.
    • Age Limit: There is no specific age limit for admission to a Diploma in Business Law program.
    • Entrance Exam: Some institutions may conduct an entrance exam to evaluate the candidates’ aptitude and suitability for the program.
    • Work Experience: Some institutions may also require candidates to have work experience in a relevant field, such as law, business, or management.

    Candidates who meet these eligibility criteria can apply for admission to a Diploma in Business Law program. It is advisable to check the specific eligibility requirements of the institution you are interested in before applying.

    • Instead of dedicating long years to comprehensive schooling, these courses are also favored by students who want to enter the job field quickly.

    This is a more career oriented path for aspirants who wish to get into the business law field with minimum academic expenses. 

    What is Course Fees for diploma in business law 

    The course fees for a Diploma in Business Law program Depends on the college and length of the program, there may be differences in the course costs for an Indian Diploma in Business Law programme. For a one-year program, the costs may approximate INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000. For qualified students, there may also be scholarships and financial aid alternatives.

    Diploma in Business Law

    Admissions process of Diploma in Business Law Courses

    • On the basis of the applicant’s grade point average at the graduation stage, the majority of Indian colleges admit students to the PG Diploma course.
    • Some other institutions have their own entrance exams in addition to the ones that enable direct access.
    • A person who, on the other hand, has at least six months of relevant job experience in the business legal area is exempt from taking the entrance exam and may apply directly for admission instead.
    • For many groups, the application procedure is largely conducted online. Candidates are advised to take the actions listed below in order to submit an application for admission to the PG Diploma programme effectively.

    Contract law, corporate law, intellectual property law, employment law, tax law, and business law are among the subjects covered in this diploma programme.

    List of Top Colleges for Diploma in Business Laws Courses

    NIRF Ranking

    College Name

    6West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, KolkataKolkata
    7Gujarat National law University, AhmedabadAhmedabad
    Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, ChennaiChennai
    The Indian Society of International Law, DelhiDelhi

    List of top Online platforms for Business Law Course Certificates

    Online learning has given more opportunities to learn courses from anywhere hence below are Some of the best certification courses available on multiple online platforms:-

    Course Curriculum for Diploma in Business Law

    The curriculum of a Diploma in Business Law program in India includes courses such as

    • Legal research and writing, 
    • Business ethics, 
    • Contract drafting,
    • Corporate law,
    • Intellectual property law, 
    • Consumer protection law, 
    • Labor law. 

    The program also focuses on developing analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as effective communication skills. Some institutions may offer electives in specific areas of business law, such as international business law or taxation law.

    In conclusion, 

    A Diploma in Business Law program in India can provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the legal and business fields.


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