What is Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence

All those sci-fi movies we watched as a kid often took us by surprise and most of us wished to make those human-like robots someday. Growing up, we witnessed a huge wave of technological advancements that simplified our day to day activities. Among these technological innovations, artificial intelligence is a fundamental element that concerns itself with the simulation of human intelligence in computational devices and systems. Almost every industry is using AI technologies to implement the digital revolution which has made it the most sought after career in contemporary times. Through this blog, we would like to provide you with a complete guide on how to make a career in Artificial Intelligence, the courses you can pursue as well as the broad scope of it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence – It is an intellectual ability developed by artificial means. Let us tell you that Sir John McCarthy is considered to be the father of Artificial Intelligence, according to him, it is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs, that is, the intelligence displayed by all machines. You all must know that Artificial Intelligence is a subdivision of Computer Science and its roots are completely based on computing systems. Let us tell you that the job of AI is to create such devices that can act intelligently and independently and reduce human labor and manual work.

It uses machine learning to mimic human intelligence. Tesla cars, Siri, Alexa and digital applications such as Amazon AI and Netflix are some of the best examples of technologies. and Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees are offered in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Applied Artificial Intelligence as well as Diplomas in Robotics and Automation Engineering.

In addition, you study the academic programme, you will be equipped with the detailed and complex concepts of AI with knowledge of the various techniques used to manufacture robotic devices. Some of the major topics are given in this article from which you will be able to know about AI courses.

  • Artificial Intelligence Design
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application of artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • AI System
  • Network Analysis

Types of Artificial Intelligence

The types of Artificial Intelligence are mentioned below:

  • Purely Reactive
  • Limited Memory
  • Brain Theory
  • Self Conscious

How did Artificial Intelligence get started?

Artificial intelligence started in the 1950s, but it got recognition in the 1970s. Japan was the first to take the initiative and started a plan called Fifth Generation in 1981. Under this plan a 10-year program for the development of super-computers was outlined. After this a project named ‘Elvi’ was made for this in Britain. And all the countries of the European Union had also started a program called ‘Esprit’. In the year 1983, some private organizations together established a consortium ‘Micro-Electronics and Computer Technology’ to develop advanced technologies such as Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits applicable to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: Course

Since Artificial Intelligence involves multidisciplinary education and training and touches many areas, curriculum offerings vary and are designed to meet the needs and requirements of individuals in the background. In this regard, we have included and matched a list below of not only the main AI courses but also the broad ones.

  • Bachelors in AI
  • BSc Mathematics
  • Computer Science Bachelors [Major AI]
  • Master of Science in AI
  • MSc Mathematics
  • Masters in Machine Learning
  • Master in Engineering (ME)
  • MBA in Data Science
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • PhD in Mathematics

Artificial Intelligence Qualification

The general eligibility for Artificial Intelligence is given below:

  • To get admission in AI Engineering courses, students must have minimum 10+2 schooling with PCM background from a recognized school
  • It is mandatory to pass GRE along with English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL etc.
  • For students opting for Master’s level courses, it is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related subjects.
  • Scores of entrance exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced are mandatory in some colleges and universities for engineering in India. Also there are some colleges and universities where they conduct their own entrance examinations. These courses abroad must meet the required grade requirements set by the university, which vary from university to course.
  • Most universities abroad require SAT scores for bachelors and GRE scores for masters courses.
  • To study in foreign universities, you need to submit a SOP, LOR, CV or resume and also portfolio.


Businesses are using AI to build better relationships with their customers as well as tackle tasks that would be performed by humans but could be done increasingly using robotic process automation. Also websites are using machine learning algos to figure out the best ways to serve customers. Among the applications of artificial intelligence in the business sector, chatbots have been incorporated in websites to ensure immediate services to the customers. AI has the potential to drive efficient and effective work processes along with enhancing their overall experience with increasing sales, performing predictive analytics.


Talking about the education sector, AI has brought significant changes in revolutionizing the way of teaching. Artificial Intelligence can be effectively incorporated for assignment grading as well as for providing smart content through online study material, e-conferencing etc. Also, AI is being used efficiently by admission portals like Leverage Edu to help students find the fit courses.

There are myriad applications of AI in education such as online courses and learning platforms and digital applications, online career counseling, virtual etc.

Health Care

AI has proved to be an effective technology for the healthcare sector as AI has revolutionized medical equipment, diagnostics and research etc. Apart from using computing technologies for better and faster diagnosis of all diseases, AI has very important applications as complex algorithms can be used to simulate human cognition for analysis of complex medical and healthcare data. Artificial intelligence systems can handle large chunks of data and can also analyze them to suggest the best course of treatment. Healthcare companies have also designed digital applications like Lybrate, WebMD, where patients can get their reports instantly.


The applications of artificial intelligence in the banking sector are also growing rapidly. Friends, there are many banks in the world who are taking advantage of AI to detect credit card fraud related activities as well as facilitate online banking. Almost all banks are providing online apps to their customers where they can track all their account transactions, make online payments as well as detect payment frauds along with anti-money laundering patterns. Huh. All well-known companies like Mastercard and RBS Worldpay alike have been relying on AI and Deep Learning.


In the financial sector, AI has been playing a major role in determining the future pattern of the market. AI-based technologies in the financial sector aim to thoroughly analyze the dynamics of stock trading. Using various applications of AI, the finance industry is incorporating algorithmic trading and machine learning into financial processes. Based on the prediction of market prices in the world, they help individuals to make the right decisions.


Let us tell you that there are many such issues related to environmental change which are badly affecting the lives of farmers. To overcome the woes of agriculture, several AI-based machines that are helping farmers in sustainable agricultural production. They also help in finding more effective means of protecting crops from weeds. Effectively harnessing the applications of artificial intelligence in agriculture, ‘Blue River Technology’ has set a fine example as it has created machines that can detect weedicides on cotton plants. These automatic machines spray the crops in the fields with the help of computer vision techniques which helps in protecting them from the herbicide.

Autonomous Vehicle

Tesla’s smart cars are the best example of autonomous vehicles. This is one of the popular applications of AI in the automobile sector. There are also prolific companies like Waymo, which have conducted many test drives to make their product successful. They include systems to produce and control signals for movement of vehicles, cloud services, GPS as well as vehicles with cameras. All you need to know is that all of Tesla’s self-driving cars are completely based on artificial intelligence, which is another great example of autonomous vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence Example

Examples of artificial intelligence examples are mentioned below:

  • Intelligent Robot
  • Computer gaming
  • Language recognition
  • Expert systems
  • natural language processing
  • vision system

Top AI Inventions of 2022

Below is a list of the top Artificial Intelligence inventions of 2022:

  • More Power to Language Modeling
  • SSL for Image Modeling
  • Conversational AI
  • AI-Based Cybersecurity
  • Computer Vision Technology in Businesses
  • More AI-driven Scientific Discoveries
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Developer Productivity.

Online Artificial Intelligence Course

There are many Artificial Intelligence courses that are offered online. EdX, Google, Coursera, Udemy, etc. are among the major providers of AI courses. Top institutes including IIT Madras, IIIT B, IIIT D, and others offer online courses in collaboration with platforms like Upgrade, Intellipataat, etc. You can check the list of online artificial intelligence courses given below.

Course NameProvidersFees
Learn with Google AIGooglefree
AI for allCourserafree
IBM Applied AI Professional CertificateCourseraINR 39,864 – 79,729
Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn to Build AIUdemyINR 3,499
Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in PythonUdemyINR 2,999
Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in UnityUdemyINR 1,299
Professional Certificate in the Foundations of AIedxINR 20,276
CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Pythonedxfree

Artificial Intelligence Certification

Check out the best Artificial Intelligence certification courses in the table below.

Course NameProvidersFees
artificial intelligence course onlineIntellipati , Via IIT MadrasINR 85,004
Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Programeasy learningINR 51,400
IBM Applied AI Professional CertificateCourserafree enrollment
IBM AI Engineering Professional CertificateCourserafree enrollment
artificial intelligence nanodegree programUdacityINR 77,676
Master’s Program in Machine Learning, Artificial IntelligenceBITS PilaniINR 2,45,000
Master the fundamentals of AI and Machine Learninglinkedin learningFree Trial (1 Month)
Learn with Google AIGooglefree

B.Tech Artificial Intelligence

The table given below is the list of BTech Artificial Intelligence courses along with their providers and fees.

Course NameProvidersFees
B.Tech in CS (AI)Sharda UniversityINR 8,36,725
B.Tech Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)Netaji Subhash Technological University (NSUT) New DelhiINR 5,64,000
B.Tech CSE (Artificial Intelligence) Dr. MGR Educational & Research InstituteINR 4,00,000
B.Tech CSE (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence)INR 4,80,000
B.Tech CSE in AIJain UniversityINR 16,00,000
BTech CSE in Artificial IntelligenceMedi-Caps UniversityINR 5,00,000

Top Universities Offering Artificial Intelligence Courses

In the broad field of Artificial Intelligence, AI Robotics courses are offered that can prepare students to build upon the necessary knowledge and mind-blowing technological innovations. The list below enlists some of the leading universities and their programs that are designed for those aspiring to make a career in Artificial Intelligence.

Course NameProvidersCountary
BSc Computer Science and Artificial IntelligenceNorthumbria UniversityUK
BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and Data ScienceSunny Stony Brook UniversityAmerica
BSc Mechanical Engineering-RoboticsUniversity of HartfordAmerica
BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer ScienceUniversity of BirminghamUK
Bachelor of Software Engineering- Artificial IntelligenceTorrance University AustraliaAustralia
Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – Robotics and AutomationConestoga College of Applied Arts and IntelligenceCanada
Diploma in Electro-Mechanical EngineeringAlgonquin CollegeCanada
MS in Artificial IntelligenceBoston UniversityAmerica
MSc Human-Robot InteractionTufts UniversityAmerica
MSc in Human-Centered Big Data and Artificial IntelligenceSwansea UniversityUK
MSc in Applied Artificial IntelligenceCranfield UniversityUK


Q : What is meant by Artificial Intelligence?

Ans : Let us tell you that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a subdivision of Computer Science and its roots are completely based on computing systems. The ultimate goal of AI is to create tools that can act intelligently and independently and reduce human labor and manual work.

Q : Who is the father of Artificial Intelligence?

Ans : Gregor John Mandel.

Q : Which computer language is used in Artificial Intelligence?

Ans : Preface.

Q : What is the duration of an undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence?

Ans : The maximum duration for a Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence is 4 years.


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