How to prepare for Agneepath Exam

However, this will be the first exam under the Agneepath scheme, so you should go through all the papers and understand the pattern of the exam the way army recruitment was conducted before the advent of Agneepath scheme.

Understand the Exam Pattern

In Agneepath scheme recruitment is being done in total 6 categories and for these 6 categories different courses have been made,

Understand the syllabus

Now if you have understood the syllabus of the exam, then buy all the books accordingly and also buy all kinds of study material.

Collect Study Material

Post - Agniveer (SSR) Exam Period - 60 minutes Post - Agniveer (MR) Exam Period - 30 minutes

Agniveer Exam Period

At least try to study through mobile, if you are studying from mobile then definitely delete all social media because they distract a lot in studies

Delete All Social Media Apps from Mobile

Agniveers will be recruited for 4 years under Agneepath scheme.

Agneepath scheme is for how many years?