Web Developer  VS  Web Designer

Web Designer


Talking about web designing, how beautiful a website looks is decided by web designing. In this we learn languages like HTML, CSS. Web designer is also called front end development

Web Developer


To become a web developer, you have to learn computer languages like Javascript, java, PHP, python, ruby. A web developer is also called a back end developer.

Best Online Web Development Courses

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers

Best Online Web Designing Courses

HTML, CSS & BootStrap

– Masai School

– Newton School

– Coding Ninjas

– Functionup

– Simplilearn

Online Web Development Training Institute

Best Web Development Institute

Pankaj Sir Academy QSpiders BTM J Spiders LISAA School of Design DCT Academy Be Practical Solution Oxford Software Institute Pitampura DICE Academy RED PIXELS