B.Tech Biotechnology

Many students want to go into medicine and consider doing MBBS or BDS after 12th, for which they take the NEET exam, whereas others want to go into engineering and consider BE or B.TECH.

Eligibility For B.Tech Biotechnology

If we talk about a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, then it is mandatory for you to pass 12th grade, and the same 12th grade should be from your science stream, in which it is mandatory to have a biology subject. 

Biotechnology Entrance Exams

If you want to do Biotechnology course from a better college, for this you have to pass the entrance exam which is something like this.  DUET  CUET  JMIEEE  IIT-JAM  AIIMS

B.Tech Diploma Course

If you want to do the biotechnology course after passing the 10th grade,  you can join the biotechnology diploma course, for which you should be at least 17 years old, and the duration of this course is three years. 

B.Tech PHD Course

 After doing a PhD course, you get a doctor next to the name, so it is called a doctoral program, for which you have to pass your post-graduation exam. This course is three to four years long.

Jobs Fields In Biotechnology

 1.Healthcare  2.Research Laboratories  3.Genetic engineering  4.Health care center  Medicine  5.Food Manufacturing Industry 6. Pharmaceutical  7.Environmental conservation

Jobs Profile In Biotechnology

 1.Biomedical Engineer  2.Medical scientist  Microbiologist  3.Biological technician  4.Medical and Clinical 5.Lab Technologists & 6.Technician 7.R&D and Process 8.Development Scientist