Stay relevant in ChatGPT: Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

Stay relevant in ChatGPT: Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

Stay relevant in ChatGPT: Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

Keeping your relevance in the ChatGPT era: An ex-director of IIT Delhi discusses the significance of innovation and creativity

A number of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as ChatGPT, are gaining popularity in the nation. Because these tools are now taking center stage, it is important to regularly update your skillset.

In light of this, the former director of IIT Delhi, V Ramgopal Rao, wrote some advice for students in a tweet.

Rao advises students and IT professionals to start by making sure they not only know how to use software like ChatGPT, but also how to use it effectively. Improve your personal and team productivity by mastering new tools like ChatGPT. You won’t be hired by a company in the future if you can’t use these tools effectively, just as you wouldn’t hire a driver who can’t use Google Maps. Always keep in mind that technology can be a helpful servant and a dangerous master, “he said.

Additionally, he emphasized the significance of networking. In this day and age, it’s critical to network with people of all ages, cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. As a result, your profile will have an advantage over the machines. According to him, relationships and networks are more important for innovation than creativity and knowledge.

Stay relevant in ChatGPT: Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao

V Ramgopal Rao, a former director of IIT Delhi, has suggested some strategies for ensuring that AI tools do not replace humans in the ChatGPT era.

The other three suggestions from Rao mostly focus on the importance of following one’s heart when choosing a career, but also of letting one’s brain do all the planning afterwards. If you make all of your decisions on your own, you might never find your calling in life and you might never achieve greatness. He said, “If you always let your heart decide, you might not be able to handle the results.”

Rao also says that an employee should always believe in working in a team and should always work for the team rather than for themselves. Rao, on the other hand, suggested that if the current position “gets too routine, too comfortable, and if you aren’t learning anything new,” you should leave.

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