What Is National Service Scheme

What Is National Service Scheme

What is NSS

Hello friends, friends, all of you readers must have participated in the programs run by NSS in your college or school. We have brought today’s article for those people who do not know about the National Service Scheme or they have very little information about it. Let us tell you that NSS is a social service educational organization through which the youth are educated and made aware of their duties in the society by organizing various types of awareness campaigns in the universities and schools of the country. If you have any question regarding NSS in your mind like what is this organization, NSS Full Form, how does NSS work, then in today’s article we have brought answers to these questions of yours. You are requested to read the article till the end for all the information related to NSS.

NSS Full Form

NSS is known as “National Service Scheme“. Let us tell you here that NSS is an awareness campaign run by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The purpose of which is to encourage the youth of the country to participate in the activities of social service and develop a positive and good   personality within the youth. develop. The students who join NSS have to work for environmental protection, health and cleanliness, in emergency situations, helping the victims of natural calamities, etc. The students who join NSS are called NSS volunteers. However, let us tell you that at present a total of 40 lakh volunteers of NSS are working in the country.

History of national Service Scheme (NSS)

Natinal Service scheme-nss

The NSS was established on 24 September 1969 by V.K.R.V., the then Union Education Minister in the Government of India. Rao ji in 37 universities of all the states of the country. At that time the Planning Commission had approved a budget of Rs 5 crore for the implementation of NSS in all universities and schools during the Fourth Five Year Plan.

Features of NSS :-

  • To provide informal education of work literacy to rural youth.
  • Programs on environmental promotion and protection.
  • Awareness campaign related to health, family welfare and nutrition.
  • Organizing special camp program every year.
  • Study of Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • To make students aware of national and social problems.
  • Social service as a volunteer of National Service Scheme (NSS).

About NSS Symbol :-

Let us tell you here that the symbol used in the NSS logo is taken from the huge chariot wheel of the famous Konark Sun Temple (The Black Pagoda) located in the entire city of Odisha state, India, which has 8 lines which are Represents the eight pahar of a day and the wheel depicts the positions of the place and time of our life.

Activities done by NSS :-

Regular and annual special camp activities are organized twice every year by NSS which are both of 120 hours duration. Volunteers working under NSS who have served NSS for at least 2 years and have worked for 240 hours are given NSS certificate from the university signed by the Vice Chancellor. Similarly, social service and public interest awareness programs are organized by NSS under the annual special camp program. Following are the functions done by NSS:

  • Camp organized for awareness of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Plantation and Afforestation
  • Stage shows or processions creating awareness about social problems, issues like education and sanitation
  • awareness rallies
  • Health camp organized by doctors
  • community survey program
  • adventure program
  • Republic Day Parade Camp
  • National Youth Festival

Awards given by NSS to volunteers :-

The awards given by officers (POs), NSS units and universities in the NSS program are as follows-

  • NSS National Award
  • state level awards
  • university level award
  • District Level Awards
  • college level awards

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