Fashion Designing : Course, Colleges, Eligibility, Exam, Jobs

Fashion Designing : Course, Colleges, Eligibility, Exam, Jobs

The word “Fashion” defines the act of implementing new clothes and the style of carrying that in the modern world, whereas the word “Designing” means planning or creating some object with their own ideas and creativity for implementing that in the trending way or style of fashion.

In simple words, we can say Fashion designing can be defined as the Art or the process of creating or implementing the accessories on the garment clothing or any other designer dresses to make them a fashion trend.

Fashion Designing is the most important in today’s world because everyone in the modern days wants to be Stylish and fashionable, all want themselves to be in trend. Fashion design is not just a design of fashion, but it’s a design of culture and emotions. Designers implement their ideas and creativity on the clothing to make the person trend and show the glamour of the person and the way of their appearance.

How to Step in Fashion Designing?

In the Fashion world, your skills, portfolio, passion is more important than your school/college, where you had studied. To learn fashion designing you need to know the basics that will help you to step into fashion designing. Here are some points that will help you to start from the basics. They are:

1. Grab Knowledge About Fashion Industry:

If you are pursuing education in the field of fashion designing, you should grab knowledge of the fashion industry and must research the history, the present, and the future trends of fashion. Getting familiar with the trends of fashion and challenges in fashion designing industries, self-exploring knowledge helps in acquiring the basics of fashion designing and its scopes.

2. Learning The Basics:

Firstly, to enter into the field of fashion designing you should know all the basics which will help you to go to an advanced level in less time. The best way to learn the basics is to learn or study by yourself and grab the basic knowledge of fashion designing. You must have skills like drawing, sewing, and making patterns as it is the best way to prepare for the concerned field.

3. Making Your Own Ideas and Designs:

If you are choosing fashion designing as a career then try to create your own ideas and designs to make sure that will help you out in the future according to your skills and interest. Start making sketches of designs of your clothing and try to improve the designs with time, try out your favorite design with your skillset. Use the sewing machine to create patterns, designs and tune a few pieces of them. With time and dedicated practice, perfection would come along.

4. Search About the Institutes/Schools for Fashion Designing:

Today Fashion Designing Schools are more popular around the world. Most of them offer a variety of major skills and attentiveness in the world of fashion. These courses cover everything from the history of fashion to the digital world of fashion which provides different opportunities in various fields. Many fashion schools offer the best practices of fashion training and also offer the internship and other programs to make the student perfect in fashion designing, even if you are unable to attend the schools or institutes of fashion designing, many schools are there that provide online courses & training.

5. Getting Experience:

Experience is the most important thing in today’s world because without experience you cannot be successful in life. In fashion designing, many schools offer internship programs and other experience-gaining workshops that help understand things properly. Working in the concerned field will help you gain knowledge of how the work is being done and how to build connections. Taking advantage of the internship and other programs can help you cover the basics of designing and may create paths for a bright future.

Advantages of Being a Fashion Designer

Fashion Designing

In the field of fashion designing, there are lots of advantages of being a fashion designer. Let’s discuss some advantages of being a  fashion designer. Here are some of them mentioned below:

1. Self-Satisfaction/Fulfillment:

Fashion designing is a career in which people come up with new, improved trends and styles that influence people to start grabbing the trends and buy clothing and accessories. If the product is an absolute hit and grabbed mostly by the people, then the person involved in the making of that particular product will be recognized for his work while satisfying himself with his skills.

2. Passion:

Most of the people who look for a career in fashion designing, are more passionate about the fashion industry and seeking fame in the industry and creating their own things which they like to do in life. Fashion designing comes under an important part of a career for the person who is passionate about it. A person has to express themselves in upcoming trends and create new ideas of style so that he/she can be recognized by the brands in the fashion industry. 

3. Can Start Your Own Business:

As an individual many people have an idea of becoming a fashion designer and starting their own business in the fashion industry. Starting a business in the fashion industry requires a talented and confident person to succeed in the fashion industry and achieve fame. He/she must start a business of their own clothing brands and accessories. A business might be a small startup but hard work will give a successful future.

4. Hard Working Mindset:

Before entering the world of fashion and deciding to pursue a profession in the field, one must constantly work hard in order to get the success that one desires. When a person shows dedication and passion in the working process, in the end, his/her hard work pays off in leading to the achievement of fame in the world of fashion.

5. Creativity And Fun:

A career in fashion world always comes up with new ideas and innovations that are trending or could trend in the coming future among people. So the job or business career in fashion world always has a level of creative mind and fun when the person comes with a certain product or design that could trend. Fun and creativity is a way of looking at the fashion world that always comes only if the person has a genuine eye for fashion and has a wider imagination of what they wanted to achieve.

6. Variety in Work Place:

When a person wishes to start a career in the fashion designing world there is one thing that will happen that there will be various kinds of works coming from different workplaces.  All the projects are of different kinds and more interesting and unique than the other ones. At that time with jobs coming in at the same time, the person never gets bored as there is a lot of variety.

Fashion Design Courses

Skills Required For Fashion Designer

  1. Good Business Sense
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Competitive Spirit
  4. Creativity & Ideas
  5. Artistic Availability  
  6. Taste of Style
  7. Sewing Skills
  8. Good Team Player

Fashion designing Degrees

Fashion designing degrees are listed in three categories which are mentioned below :

1. Diploma in fashion designing

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Management

Eligibility For Diploma In Fashion Designing

  • A minimum of 16 Years of age
  • Minimum 45% percentage required for applying
  • 10th or 12th from a recognized board in India

2. Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Styling and Image Designing
  • Leather Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Communication Design

Eligibility Criteria For Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing

  • 10+2 passed out with the recognized board of India
  • Minimum  55% percentage required
  • Merit-based admission

3. Master’s Degree For Fashion Designing

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Design and Business Management
  • Textile Management
  • Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s in Fashion Designing

  • Graduation in any relevant field
  • Graduation with  minimum 50% marks

Entrance Exams For Fashion Designing  

  • NIFT Exam
  • CEED
  • PAF Exam
  • SEED
  • IIAD Exam
  • UID


Top Colleges / Institutes For Fashion Designing 



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