What is B.Sc and how to do: Courses, Jobs, Salary, Admission, Career

    What is B.Sc and how to do: Courses, Jobs, Salary, Admission, Career
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    What is BSc and how is BSc done, what is the process of taking admission in BSc. When you are studying in 12th or have recently passed 12th, then such thoughts often come in our mind.

    All things related to BSc etc. become interested to know how it is done, what is its whole process, but all these things are not understood by the students quickly, so today you can get complete information of BSc. You will know in this article.

    BSc is a professional graduation course which is of 3 years duration and is divided into 6 semesters. Its exam is not semester wise but yearly. If we talk about its importance, then it is one among all those graduation courses in India whose popularity is very high.

    Most of the students prefer to go with BSc in Hindi after completing their 12th Science. Because they already know that the career scope of BSc in India is the highest.

    What is BSc and How to do?

    The BSc program is further classified into two categories namely BSc Honors and BSc General. Because, this course is completely based on the subjects. The BSc is designed to focus more on the Honors subject, and also includes optional subjects or papers chosen by the students. Students pursuing BSc Honors aim to develop theoretical, practical and research skills.

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    BSc is a 3-year undergraduate course which is studied at the school level by students with science subjects. Physical science, applied science, chemistry, mathematics, economics, biology, agriculture, horticulture and animation are the main subjects of BSc course. The BSc General program provides students with a basic knowledge of key science subjects, which includes both theoretical and practical components.

    BSc Course Details
    BSc Full FormBachelor of Science
    BSc CoursesBSc Physics, BSc Biology, BSc IT, BSc Nursing, BSc Computer Science, BSc Geography, BSc Forensic Science, etc.
    BSc Course Duration3 Years
    BSc Eligibility12th Class in Science Stream with 50% Marks
    BSc AdmissionThrough Merit List and Entrance Test
    BSc FeesINR 20,000 – 2,00,000
    BSc SalaryINR 3-5 lakh per year
    BSc CollegesDelhi University, Madras Christian College, Christ University, Stella Maris College, Presidency University, etc.
    BSc Entrance ExamsISER, UPSEE, KCET, etc.
    BSc ScopeMasters Degree etc.
    BSc JobsScientist, Research Associate, Professor, Lab Chemist, Statistician, etc.

    What is the full form of BSc

    The full name of BSc is Bachelor of Science which is a very attractive course. That is why, most of the students prefer to graduate from it.

    BSc is the most popular course, which is done by 75% of the students in India after passing 12th. This course is more in demand than BA and B.Com, because it is considered to be the best for the job course.

    This course can be easily done by those students who follow it as their passion, along with it can also easily complete post graduate and master’s degrees.


    As I have already told that the value of BSc is highest in India. Because graduating from BSc means adding a new value to your name in the field of education. Because the demand for graduation is high in most of the government entrance exams and private companies, so its demand is slightly higher among all those graduation courses in India.

    BSc can be pursued by any person who has secured the minimum eligibility criteria, i.e. students who have passed their class 12th board examination with PCM as their major subject combination from a recognized board with minimum 50% or CGPA have passed

    BSc Entrance Exams

    Various national level, state level and institute level entrance examinations are conducted all over India which are as follows:

    • JET
    • NPAT
    • BHU UET
    • SUAT
    • CUCET

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    BSc Admission Process

    If you want to graduate from BSc after completing your 12th, then for this you must have at least 40 to 50% marks in 12th, only then you will be able to take admission in a good college.

    Apart from this, if we talk about the entrance exam, then there are many such colleges in India which take the entrance exam to take admission in BSc and only after successful in that, the admission of a student is known.

    But despite this, there are many such colleges in India which take admission in BSc. on the basis of merit of your marks percentage. These facilities are very suitable for those students who want to take admission on the merit of their marks percentage without giving entrance exam, which is absolutely correct in a way.

    To take admission in BSc after 12th, we have to choose a category, like in 12th Science With (PCM, PCB and PCMB). There are groups in 12th but here there is a category. Meaning all the subjects are different, you can make any one subject here as your Honors.

    BSc Subject List

    The main subjects in BSc are:

    • Biology
    • botany
    • Biochemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Chemistry
    • Electronics
    • Mathematics
    • Environmental Science
    • Zoology
    • Physics

    b.sc course details

    BSc Subject List

    The objective of this course is to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science etc. There are also various specializations available to choose from, such as IT, Nursing, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Marine Science.

    AnalysisVector Analysis
    Probability TheoryAlgebra
    Linear programming and optimizationCalculus
    Thermal PhysicsSolid State Physics
    Mathematical PhysicsWaves and Optics
    Quantum Mechanics and applicationelectromagnetic theory
    Industrial ChemistryGreen chemistry
    Polymer ChemistryMaterial Science and Nanotechnology
    Pharmaceutical ChemistryEnergy and Fuel cells
    Computer Science
    Computer OrganizationLinux
    Python ProgrammingData structures
    HTML ProgrammingOperating system
    Cell BiologyImmunology
    Animal BiologyMicrobiology

    Types of BSc

    There is a high demand for BSc courses in India, so different types of courses have been prepared for the students: Read all the information in detail through what is BSc.

    Full Time BSC

    It is a completely on-campus degree course that provides the student with all the necessary knowledge and skills about a particular stream or subject.

    Part Time Bsc

    Part time degree There is a provision to complete the degree course with more time flexibility. Most of the colleges offer full time degree as well as part time BSc degree.

    Distance BSc

    BSc Distance Education colleges provide the option of completing this degree along with the job. This degree course is one of the best course. Colleges like IGNOU, Annamalai University, Karnataka State Open University, Osmania University and University of Mumbai offer Distance BSc in India.

    Famous Courses in BSc

    The list of some categories is being mentioned below, which can continue your studies by choosing your main subject in BSc.

    • Bachelor Of Science In Mathematics Hons.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Physics Hons.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Chemistry Hons.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Botany Hons.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Zoology Hons.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Agriculture.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Food Technology.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Microbiology.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Animation.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Multimedia.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Genetics.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Physical Science.
    • Bachelor Of Science In Electronics. Etc.

    This is a list of some categories, by choosing any category regarding your interest, you can take your education path further in the future. But I have a personal suggestion for you that always choose the path in which you are interested and you want to know more about it. Because a good start is equal to half a win.

    Career after BSc

    After completing BSc degree, you can continue further study if you want. By continuing courses like M.Sc, MBA and MCA etc. post graduation, you can take your study life further two to four steps, which will give a better result to your future.

    Or by doing courses like M.SC, Ph.D after BSc, you can earn your living by becoming Professor and Principal. Making a Professor after BSc can be a good option.

    After completing BSc, many more career options open up. Both professional and academic job opportunities are available.

    Career Options:

    • Medical industry
    • Agriculture
    • education industry
    • Research Labs
    • pharmaceutical companies research and development
    • Academic And Educational Institutions
    • Broadcasting
    • Entertainment
    • Research and development
    • Data communication
    • Private Sector Electronics Manufacturers
    • Banking industry
    • financial services
    • Broking industries
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Academic And Educational Institutions


    Like : Completed 12th Degree in Medical Industry, Agriculture, Research Lab, Academic, and Educational Institutions, Brand Casting, Entertainment, Research and Development, Data Communication, Private Sector Electronic Manufactures, Banking Industry, Financial Services, Breaking Industries, And Accounting and Finance, etc. After doing this, there are immense career opportunities.

    Salary Package After BSc

    After completing the course, the salary package can be as follows in the following categories:

    Job ProfileAverage Salary
    Research Scientist3-6 Lakh
    Laboratory Technician2-5 Lakh
    Research Assistant2-6 Lakh
    Biochemist3-6 Lakh
    Computer Programmers2-4 Lakh
    Food Scientists3-6 lakh
    Software Developer3-7 lakh
    Forensic Pathologist4-8 lakh
    Ecologist4-6 lakh
    Assistant Manager – Plantation3-4 lakh


    Q. What are the subjects in BSc?

    BSc consists of the following subjects:

    • Biology
    • Biochemistry
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Electronics
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Zoology
    • Environmental Science
    • Botany

    Q. What can I do after BSc?

    After BSc, you can prepare for Government Exams, etc. with Medicine, Engineering, MSc etc.

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    Today in this article you have to know what is BSc, how to do BSc, what is its process and what are the possibilities of career option in it. Through this article, we have tried to give you complete information about BSc. we could improve.

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