We attempt to provide ideas to our readers that will help them become smart, more creative, and bold at choosing the best-fit career for them to pursue.

Show Me Courses publishes information on a variety of courses, career options, exams, internship programmes, government schemes, scholarships, leadership, organisational change, diversity and inclusion, innovation, decision-making, marketing, career transitions, work-life balance, and team management. We publish articles of various lengths solely in digital, graphics, podcasts, videos, and just about any other type of media that might help us successfully express a concept.

Here are the five characteristics we consider while deciding what to publish:

Expertise: To be a contributor, you don’t have to be well-known, but you do need to know a lot about the subject you’re writing about.

Evidence: It’s not enough to have a thorough understanding of your subject; you must demonstrate it to the reader. One appropriate approach to do this is to refer to supporting studies; another is to describe pertinent examples. Please let us know if you have any intriguing data.

Uniqueness: New management ideas are rare and valuable, which is one of the main reasons readers gravitate to SMC. We’ll be searching for a novel argument or insight if you’re writing about a well-worn issue. We’ll also consider how well it complements what we’ve already published and whether it will specifically inform or excite the SMC audience.

Relevance: SMC readers come to us not only to keep up with new advancements in management theory, but also to transform the way they and their companies do business. It will be more compelling if you can clarify your thoughts so that the reader understands how to apply it in a genuine circumstance.

Persuasive writing that is also enjoyable to read: SMC readers are intelligent, sceptical, and pressed for time. They will move on to something else if you don’t capture their attention right away.