CBSE Board Exams 2023: New Paper Format and Last-Minute Study Advice

CBSE Board Exams 2023: New Paper Format and Last-Minute Study Advice

CBSE Board Exams 2023

New Paper Format and Last-Minute Study Advice:

In class 10, the percentage of competency-based questions has increased from 30% to 40% this year, and in class 12, the percentage has increased from 20% to 30%.


The CBSE Board Exams 2023 : Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to abandon the special term-by-term exam accommodation made in 2022 and return to the one-year exam pattern and marking scheme from before the pandemic in order to get student life, teaching, and learning back on track. However, the board has decided to cut the syllabus by 30% due to the obvious learning gaps and the difficulties that students and teachers will face between 2020 and 2022.


A significant shift from content-based to competency-based assessment is seen in the revised exam pattern. Over the course of the past year, this has resulted in a positive and gradual shift in pedagogical practices in the teaching-learning processes. The objectives of the NEP 2020 have been taken into consideration when making this revision. In class 10, the percentage of competency-based questions has increased to 40%, and in class 12, the percentage has increased to 30%.


Instead of relying solely on rote learning, these modifications will assist in determining an examinee’s true comprehension and potential. The response-based, objective-type questions in the new questioning pattern, which is based on case studies, reasoning, and assertion, will improve students’ capacity for thinking and foster learning that is qualitative and logical.


Students taking the CBSE board exams 2023, which begin tomorrow, must have gone through the course revision several times and are working hard to improve their comprehension of the material. In order to pass the exams using the new pattern, here are some last-minute tips:

It is not a test of memory. You’ll be able to pass the exam with ease if you understand things clearly. Engage in peer and mentor support. Exam-related anxiety can be alleviated by solving sample papers and question papers from previous years.


— Create an effective study plan. Do not attempt to concentrate on lengthy studies. Make a schedule that includes your regular activities. Include a brief break every 45 to 50 minutes. You can focus on all subjects equally with the schedule. With the assistance of a timetable, you can divide your time between each topic.


— Divide your syllabus into topic-specific or small sections. Next, prepare them in accordance with your schedule. It will help you comprehend each topic more thoroughly. We are able to quickly comprehend segments thanks to the limited study. You’ll feel less pressure during revision time as a result.


One of the most crucial steps toward passing more than 90% of board exams is taking notes. Only notes are helpful during revision time at the very end of the exam. In the end, they let you gain discrete points on any subject.


One of the smart works is classifying the important areas of the syllabus according to the weight of the topics. You will be able to easily achieve your goal if you first study these subjects and establish a firm grasp on them.


You would still need to take care of your mental and physical health while you are preparing for your exams. Eat well, go to bed on time, and take brief breaks during study time. You could try listening to some soothing music to relax. If you sit in one position for a long time, stretch out every now and then. Avoid the glare of smartphones and computers by avoiding social media and relaxing your eyes.


On the day of the exam, it’s important to have a calm mind and relax your nerves. Don’t put things off until the last minute because doing so can cause panic. The only purpose of the day before and morning of the exam is to finalize your notes. Pack your exam supplies in advance and arrive at the testing center on time.


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